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Distributors in Partnership with Manufacturers
Serving North America's Utility Industry
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The North American Association of Utility Distributors (NAAUD) is an association of the leading regional electric utility distributors that:

  • Provides a supply network for responding to material needs during storm emergencies
  • Provides a medium to improve distributor skills through a national training program and Technology Conference
  • Provides a web-based solution for asset recovery from surplus and obsolete inventory 
  • Provides a medium for one-on-one meetings between NAAUD members and manufacturers at annual meetings 
  • Promotes higher business standards within the industry as well as better business methods for the utility supply chain 

NAAUD is a member of the National Association of Wholesaler - Distributors, which provides a voice in our nation's capital and additional educational opportunities

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National Conference
April 22-24, 2014

Embassy Suites, Napa, CA

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14 Industry Distributors in the United States & Canada

Over $1.4 Billion in Sales of T&D Material

Over $180 Million of Inventory

Over 30 Industry Leading Manufacturers

Over 170 Locations across North America